Award committee

Parya Lotfi

Parya is the co-founder & CEO of DuckDuckGoose, a trailblazing tech company specializing in explainable AI solutions that uncover deepfake technologies and prevent identity fraud. Equipped with a rich background in systems engineering and policy analysis, she brings an indispensable interdisciplinary perspective to tackling some of today’s most complex and pressing issues – particularly the security risks associated with deepfakes. Her passion lies in the formulation of actionable roadmaps aimed at securing digital identities and maintaining the integrity of online spaces. DuckDuckGoose is winner of the Identity innovation award 2022.

Hugo Löwinger

Hugo brings almost 20 years of experience delivering digital identity strategy and – solutions within retail banking, payments, and telecoms. His key areas of expertise include digital onboarding, omnichannel authentication, and cross-channel fraud detection.

Hugo is a strategic business architect at NN and is involved in revamping the CIAM landscape for NN’s future retail payments proposition and has previously fulfilled customer identity-related positions at PwC, Moneyou – challenger bank of ABN AMRO, Innopay, ING Bank, Capgemini Consulting and KPN.

Julia Janssen

Julia is an artist, designer, researcher and speaker. In her work she creates awareness about the impact of technology and digitization on society.

In 2016 she graduated from the ArtEZ School of the Arts in Graphic Design. During her studies, she became interested in data and digitization and worked on several projects that highlight our relationship with technology. With her graduation work, she won the ​​Crypto Design Award and she has since devoted her art to data sovereignty.

Julia translates scientific insights into accessible design giving her audience a peek behind the internet’s surface. By making the complexity of information technology understandable, she builds a movement that strives for data sovereignty. Ultimately, everyone must consciously choose who knows what about him or her on the internet. This philosophy is reflected in several projects: she develops and designs projects about the lack of ownership, control, and transparency over personal data, the capital in online behavioral patterns, the changing definition of privacy, and the future of digital identity.

Mark Ruijsendaal

Mark is senior program manager in the security domain for Security Delta (HSD). Passionate about innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration, technology and human development.

Previous experience in business line / product management in different fields. Business development in several markets (Education, Safety & Security, Space, ICT), from networking to lead initiation, proposal management and contracts. Background in scientific research, standardisation and teaching.

Nupur Kohli

Drs. Nupur Kohli is a Healthcare Leader, Medical Doctor, Author, innovative Speaker, Supervisory Board member of UNICEF the Netherlands and member International Advisory of the Amsterdam Economic Board, The Netherlands. A former healthcare strategy Advisor at EY, she is currently medical advisor with the largest healthcare insurance company in the Netherlands.  She is the curator (president) of Global Shapers, World Economic Forum, in Amsterdam 20-21 and a team member of the World Economic Forum Chatbots RESET project and Generation AI project.  She is former member of two advisory bodies to the Dutch government on healthcare policy.  

With more than 100 speeches worldwide and 5 TEDx talks, she earned a reputation of a prominent female speaker internationally and is author of the book Chill!, on stress and productivity.