Award committee

Robin Wilton

Robin have 35 years of experience in the IT industry, centred around identity and privacy, IT security, financial services and public policy. He is a product technical specialist, systems engineer, consultant, and programme and solutions manager, spending the last 25 years in roles with European or world-wide scope.

In 2009-2010, Robin set up and ran his own consultancy company, specialising in digital identity, online privacy, and the intersection of technology and policy.

Susan Stover

Susan Stover is VP of Digital Content at FindBiometrics and Mobile ID World. Susan works to drive the conversation forward for all things identity and biometrics. In addition to bringing biometrics and identity to the world’s biggest vertical market conferences including: Money 20/20, Mobile World Congress, HIMSS, ISC West, KNOW Identity, HIMSS and ID4Africa, Susan works to highlight the industry’s top providers and thought leaders through breaking news, in-depth interviews, and co-hosting of the ID Talk Podcast. Susan speaks at international conferences both around the world and in digital format.

With a background in digital marketing and communication, Susan is avidly curious to find the latest technology trends and industry leaders in the biometric and mobile identification sectors.

Dries van Bilzen

Dries started his career as Government Official at the Municipal Police in Weert in 1980. In 1988, he changed jobs and became software engineer at the Audax Group in GilzeIn 1995 I became an official in the European Commission as Oracle specialist in the e-mail service. In 2002, he joined the team to set-up a Metadirectory Service based on MMS in where HR and IT related data were joined to provision users and give them the access rights needed.

In 2009 the Metadirectory Service was transformed into an I&AM Service in where I became the Operational Service Manager.  His main role nowadays is to coordinate operations and give guidance to HR and IT services. Since 2017 the I&AM Service is part of the Digital Identity and Signature Services within the European Commission. 

John Marsden

For over 20 years John has been at the leading edge of e-commerce, helping clients to navigate the risks and customer experience challenges involved in safely transacting with customers in the digital channels. 

From the early days, specialising in Merchant Acquiring, then through Credit Reference Agencies, using data assets and systems to confirm Identity and manage fraud risks and now with TransUnion Global Identity and Fraud Solutions, John continues the career theme of ‘making the internet a safer place’. John has helped hundreds of companies to realise and exploit their digital channels, enabling their customers to deliver service and experience excellence.

John’s expertise stemming from the years of experience with Barclaycard, Experian, Equifax and now TransUnion has covered Identity, Fraud Prevention, anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing efforts. In a world where the internet is the playground for nefarious actors to gain finance and facility John’s knowledge and understanding has been crucial to client’s projects and process success.