Past winners

Iovation safeguards tens of millions of digital transactions a day, with the world’s largest and most precise database of device reputation insights and cryptographically secure multifactor authentication methods.


The OpenID Foundation purposefully established a light-weight, low cost OpenID Connect certification program to help ensure that high-quality OpenID Connect implementations became the norm in the marketplace.


Meeco provides the means for individuals to have greater control of their identities and how they are used. Relevant relevant information can be shared with trusted parties in a secure way to achieve the desired outcomes.



Edentiti provides online identity verification by checking information from various online data sources, and does so under the control of the end user.


idBCN is a digital identity system provided by the Barcelona City Council as a free public service. idBCN allows citizens to identify themselves remotely and securely to a number of digital services by means of the digital ID in their mobile phone.

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eRecognition is a Dutch e-identity trust framework that enables companies to re-use digital identities to authenticate themselves towards government organizations. Conducting business online thus becomes easier and more reliable.


Trulioo provides a robust service for online verification of identities. Trulioo customers have access to over 140 data sources to rate the identities of 3 billion people more than 40 countries at their value.


Ziggur is a Dutch service that enables everybody on the worldwide web to decide what they want to happen to their online profiles & online belongings after their death. Ziggur makes sure the wishes regarding the digital inheritance of the deceased are fulfilled, thus burdening those who are left behind

Asignio offers a more secure way to sign-in with its multi-factor authentication – synchronous dual biometrics.

DuckDuckGoose leverages the power of AI to detect deepfakes in a fast, reliable, autonomous yet insightful and explainable manner.

DBC created the Decentralised Identity Interop Profile so that decentralized solutions can communicate with each other.